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Teeth Whitening Laser (PRO)

Teeth Whitening Laser (PRO)

Price: £450.00

Teeth whitening system Features: (Blue and red light,blue&red light) •Professional dental bleaching unit •Ergonomic and streamlined design •Pre-programmable microprocessor •A functional digital display panel gives more control and adjustment over the whitening application, there are three choices of light source (Blue, Blue & red, Red). •Four power outputs and adjustable setting time for different preference. •High efficiency goose pipe design, adjust angle at random, convenient for use. •Smart auto-select power: 100 to 240 Volts AC.50/60 Hz for global use. •High Speed Multi-Arch Teeth Whitening System. •Small base size design, suitable use in dental clinic •High Uniformity of Light Output •High sensitive infrared remote control setting function. •Enclosed disposible sheath, prevent cross- infection, clean and convenient,let patient feel relieved. Three LED light sources: Blue, Blue&Red, Red. Four choices of illumination: 1.100% full power output 2.80% power output 3.60% power output 4.40% power output •High tech LED module with 5 high power 3 Watt LEDs (4 blue & 2 red) •User-friendly long stretched arm designed for free movement in every angle. •Built-in magnetic fan designed for high efficient & tranquil working environment as well as to prevent over heating to prolong LED with its emitting time. Teeth whitening system Specifications: •Broad Spectrum: 430nm ~ 490nm & 620nm ~ 640nm •Light source: 4~5 W blue LEDs & 2~3W red LEDs •Light Output power: Up to 2000 mW/cm •100/240 Volt, 50/60 Hz 1.2A •Weight: 4.7 Kg •Max. Working Radius: 38 cm •Quiet fan operation •Multi-arch whitening application •Seven high intensity LED lamp •Digital display with audio feedback •High power blue lamp •LED bleaching system assessories are: oPower cord*1(we could provide US, European, Australia, Japanese power cord to meet global customer requirement) oMouth sheath: 20pcs oGlass: 2pcs oUser manual:1 pc oRemote control:1 pc


Cool Light Teeth Whitening System(NBW-TIII)

Message about Safety Goggles

Further to recent changes Ultrapulse Lasers will now be providing only the Highest Specification Safety goggles, as a result all lasers will increase by £80 as of 11/11/14.

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